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Sandwich Honolulu

Andrew Le and mom Loan made a devastating one-two punch for The Pig and The Lady: pho French dip.

The Pig and The Lady founders Andrew Le (the pig?) and his mother Loan (the lady) produce Vietnamese comfort food at three Honolulu farmers markets. At the famed Saturday morning KCC Farmers Market, where the family’s been operating for almost two years, they set up a tented noodle bar. Yes, they were also prepping to open a brick and mortar location in Chinatown during my visit, but will thankfully still operate at markets.

I say thankfully after trying their scintillating Pho French Dip, an inspired Vietnamese spin on a classic L.A. sandwich that either originated at Philippe The Original or Cole’s. The Les charge $14 for a soup-and-sandwich combo, and it’s well worth the investment. A soft, crisp-in-spots baguette cradles 12-hour roasted brisket that’s caramelized at the edges and oozes savory jus. Sauteed bean sprouts and onions provide textural contrast and sweetness, and bright, enlightening Thai basil chimichurri completes the sandwich. Even more fun comes when you dip the sandwich bread-first in a steaming bowl of pho ga, a pretty good bowl of chicken broth loaded with noodles, herbs, crisp bean sprouts and pulled chicken breast.

The Pig and The Lady Pho French Dip (Food of the Week)


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