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Ramen Kauai

Ama Char Siu Mazemen (Dose of Vitamin P)

The Hanalei Center patio provided amazing views of cloud-capped mountains lined with multiple waterfalls. Ama could have served me a pail of gruel, and I still would have been pretty content. Char siu mazemen...
Pineapple Tour Hawaii

Maui Pineapple Tours: Going Gold in Hali’imaile

Anytime a farm tour meets at a distillery, that bodes well. I boarded a Maui Pineapple Tours bus the corrugated metal building that houses Hali’imaile Distilling Company. We navigated bumpy dirt roads to nearby...
Pork Maui

Joey’s Kitchen Pork Loin (Dose of Vitamin P)

Chef Joey Macadangdang, who hails from the Philippines, moved to Maui in 1983 and started cooking the following year. The seasoned chef spent the last 20 years working for famed Hawaiian chef Roy Yamaguchi....
Noodles Maui

Migrant French Onion Tsukemen (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Sheldon Simeon, serves “Modern Local Cuisine” at
Farmers Market Kailua

Where to Eat and Drink Well in Kailua

Plenty of people are drawn to the high-rise hotels and shopping options in Waikiki, but on Oahu’s northeast shore, Kailua is a welcome alternative. The small town that spans two bays offers pristine beaches,...
Pork Hawaii

Uahi Island Grill Kalua Pork with Kale (Dose of Vitamin P)

Uahi Island Grill has some of the best plate lunches in Kailua, a city in northeast Oahu that I was lucky enough to stay in for week with family. Nani Nikcevich and chef-partner Nick...