Sketch Ice Cream Soft Serve [CLOSED]

Ice Cream Berkeley

Sketch Ice Cream specializes in soft serve flavors like lavender and melon with premium fixins.

Sketch Ice Cream rose like a frozen phoenix in 2012 after Eric Shelton and Ruthie Planas-Shelton took a three-year hiatus to raise their daughter. Up until 2009, the couple specialized in full-force ice cream down the street from their current Berkeley location, and even though they’ve gone soft ever since, that’s evidently not always a bad thing.

Sketch Ice Cream sells four flavors per day at their stark industrial space with skateboard deck signage. During my visit, they had vanilla bean, walnut, lavender and melon sorbet, with the ability to swirl two pairs of flavors and pile on premium fixins like salted caramel sauce, olive oil + sea salt, or candied cocoa nibs. I opted for airy lavender, which wasn’t as floral as many people fear, and melon sorbet, which was similar to honeydew, but mustier, as Eric Shelton advertised. The couple also crafts thin, double-wrapped waffle cones with near-magical caramelization that only cost 75 cents apiece and are WELL worth the additional investment.


Joshua Lurie

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