Oh Ma Ni Dak Kalguksu [CLOSED]

Korean Food Los Angeles

Hopefully there’s still room for tiny family run restaurants like Oh Ma Ni as Koreatown continues to evolve. Eun Mi Lee and mother Koo preside over five wood tables on a K-Town side street. Decor is limited to light yellow walls lined with photos of dishes. They’ve scratched about a third of the dishes from the menu, but what remains is truly comforting, including Dak Kalguksu ($7.50) chicken soup with house-made noodles. The knife-cut wheat noodles, made on-site, have good chew, and help to fill out a sizable bowl of murky, well-seasoned beef broth, which mom crafts in back for hours upon hours. Hand-torn chicken, rough cut, zucchini and potato, and thin-sliced nori round out the hearty soup’s savory, slurp-worthy profile.

Address: 807 S Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Joshua Lurie

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