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Oh Ma Ni

Asian Food Los Angeles

My Regular Los Angeles Restaurants

I’m a food writer, which breaks down to two restaurant meals per day that are often driven by a pending assignment, or by an endless hunger for variety. That said, I occasionally get a...
Korean Restaurant Los Angeles

Oh Ma Ni: Family-Run Koreatown Comfort Food Emporium [CLOSED]

Considering the hundreds of restaurants in Koreatown, it’s any wonder that a restaurant on a main drag like Western Avenue or 6th Street would succeed. For tiny side street spots like Oh Ma Ni,...
Sausage Los Angeles

Oh Ma Ni Soondae Bokkeum (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Oh Ma Ni continues to shower wondrous Korean comfort food on lucky Los Angeles diners. Two weeks ago, I experienced the simple pleasures of the Lee family’s Dak Kalguksu, and last week brought Soondae...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Oh Ma Ni Dak Kalguksu (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Hopefully there’s still room for tiny family run restaurants like Oh Ma Ni as Koreatown continues to evolve. Eun Mi Lee and mother Koo preside over five wood tables on a K-Town side street....