Les Madeleines Kouign Amann

Pastry Salt lake City

Romina Rasmussen shows restraint with her buttery, pull apart kouign amann in Salt Lake City.

$5.50 for a kouign amann?! Culinary legend Thomas Keller charges a mere $4 for the Brittany inspired baked good in Beverly Hills, yet Les Madeleines proprietor Romina Rasmussen has the gall to charge $5.50 for an equivalent version in Salt Lake City’s sleepy flats. Sure, Keller and his vaunted crew have crafted a great version with buttery layers of pastry and a caramelized sugar shell. However, it’s the Les Madeleines version, which is somehow spelled Kouing Aman, that I’d be more inclined to repeat. Her [queen] features a thin, crisp coating, and flaky, pull apart layers of concentric pastry that clearly contain butter, but don’t come off as too rich or sweet. Rasmussen even turns the pastry into bread pudding, which from the looks of it, would probably defeat the purpose of her initial restraint.


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