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It had been years since my last meal at Al-Noor, an Indo-Pak restaurant from Syed Hasan Zaidi in Lawndale, a city that Angelenos might not know is right near LAX. The food is still some of the boldest of its kind in Los Angeles, and while Eric Greenspan proclaimed their garlic naan The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network, no offense to Chef Greeny, but it wasn’t even my favorite dish of the night. Instead, Palak Paneer ($8.99) took the prize. Minced spinach cooks with firm cubes of cow’s milk cheese, “mild spices and herbs” to form an addictive dish that slathers easily on the aforementioned naan.

Address: 15112 Inglewood Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260

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Al Noor, another example of the fickle L.A. scene–this is always a relevant restaurant and we should hear about it more. It lives on Chowhound I guess, in about a million dull threads.

Street Gourmet LA, good point. Al-Noor doesn’t get enough pub, and plenty of new contenders have come along, but it’s still better than all the other Indo-Pak spots in the area.

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