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Restaurant Sign San Jose

Gulzaar: San Jose Middle Eastern, Indo-Pak + Afghan Mish-Mash

Don’t let Gulzaar‘s worn look dissuade you. This is indeed a House of Full Flavor in West San Jose. A native South African opened the restaurant in 2007, featuring Halal Pakistani cuisine. In 2012,...
Pakistani Food Los Angeles

Al-Noor Palak Paneer

It had been years since my last meal at Al-Noor, an Indo-Pak restaurant from Syed Hasan Zaidi in Lawndale, a city that Angelenos might not know is right near LAX. The food is still...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Zam Zam Market: Bold, Aromatic Pakistani Food in Culver City [MOVED]

In the Yelp era, when seemingly no establishment, good or bad, slips by without notice, Zam Zam Market version 2.0 somehow managed to avoid mainstream detection for about six years. Only a few Yelpers...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Al-Watan: Mirroring Pakistani Flavor Near LAX

Al-Watan‘s decor barely registers, with mirrored walls and tile floors. Thankfully, chef-owner Mohammed Mumtaz’s Indo-Pak cooking left a stronger impression. The restaurant opened in the nondescript LAX-adjacent hamlet of Hawthorne in 1984. Mr. Mumtaz...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Al-Noor: Light Makes Right at Indo-Pak Gem

Syed Hasan Zaidi opened Al-Noor in 1998 in the Aero Park Center strip-mall near the 405 freeway, naming his Karachi-style Pakistani restaurant after the Arabic term “light from the God.” He derived all of...