Yu Garden Sweet and Sour Spareribs [CLOSED]

Chinese Food Los Angeles

Yu Garden lavishes bone-in pork rib nubs with beguiling sticky "sweet and sour" sauce.

In case you noticed, two weeks ago, we had a momentary lapse in our Dose of Vitamin P coverage for only the second time since the series began in 2009. Instead of tempting fate and relying on organic pork consumption, as we normally do, we spent a weekend in the San Gabriel Valley, a hotbed for pork cookery, and of course the decision paid porcine dividends at Yu Garden

Yu Garden is a Shanghai style restaurant situated due east of the San Gabriel mega mall, features deft preparation of most creatures, and yes, they have several pork options. We were particularly enamored with their Sweet and Sour Spareribs ($9.95), which featured crispy bone-in nubs slathered a sticky red-brown sauce that actually wasn’t sour, but contributed a savory baseline and slight chile kick.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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