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Brewery Los Angeles

New Breweries From West to East, Figueroa Mountain + PairedLA

Local brewed beer can be found in every L.A. nook and cranny in 2018. This week, let’s travel to two neighborhoods, one Westside and the another in the opposite side of town to visit...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Label Design, Atomic Pumpkin + Danish Beer

The oft repeated charge that Los Angeles is a town built on looks has a basis in past experience, but in regards to our favorite malted beverage, the liquid inside a bottle or can...
Popsicle Los Angeles

Nomad Ice Pops Blackberry Honey Popsicle (Food of the Week)

Geoff Jennings set out to be a nomad, selling his seasonal popsicles by cart at concerts and events. Mobile vending still accounts for 65-70% of Nomad Ice Pops business. Thankfully for San Gabriel Valley...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Ho Kee Cafe Pork with Preserved Vegetables (Dose of Vitamin P)

The San Gabriel Valley has been trending toward Sichuan province in recent years, but you can still find plenty of representation from other parts of China. My friend Victor Tam, who visits family in...
Tea Los Angeles

AU79 Kumquat Green Tea (Drink of the Week)

In the San Gabriel Valley, teahouses are about more than just tea. Some of the most stylish spots serve as community hubs, primarily for people who can’t (legally) drink alcohol yet. On weekends, Asian-American...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Sugar Spice Cafe Thousand Year Old Egg Tofu Salad (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

The thought of eating a 1000-year-old egg salad doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but if it’s by design, then so be it. The famous Chinese creation, also known as century egg, is created when a...