The Breslin Full English Breakfast [CLOSED]

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Birmingham born chef April Bloomfield serves a full English breakfast in NYC.

The Breslin, an English-inspired bar and restaurant from chef April Bloomfield and business partner Ken Friedman, has become a sensation since it opened on the eastern end of the trendy Ace Hotel in fall 2009. In the interim, they’ve become known for dishes like the char-grilled lamb burger and grilled tongue sandwich, which apparently arrives with borscht. My recent visit to one of their moodily lit banquettes coincided with breakfast, so both of those tempting dishes will have to wait for another trip. In the meantime, their Full English Breakfast ($21) still made an impact.

It makes sense The Breslin would know what to do with pork. After all, pig statuettes are ubiquitous in the space; there’s even a yellow pig hanging by its tail above the pass to the open kitchen.

My breakfast consisted of a house-made pork sausage with a casing that oozed pig grease with the lightest tear from my knife blade. They also had chewy, salty strips of bacon that kind of reminded me of thin-cut corned beef. On the side were an impeccable pair of fried eggs, roasted button mushrooms and tomatoes with true intensity. The meal tasted good – with all that pig and residual grease – of course it would, but the plate still raised some questions.

After reporting my meal on Twitter, someone with more knowledge about proper English breakfasts questioned why the meal didn’t include toast, black pudding or beans. Toast would have come in handy with all that grease, and beans with pork fat were available as a side, but $21 was already more than enough money to pay for breakfast. In fact, with tax and tip, it’s more than I’d ever pay again for the same meal, but it tasted good at the time and lasted me hours. It was definitely a meal better suited for a farmer prior to working the fields than to me, prior to writing.

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Indeed, the Breslin’s Full English Breakfast does provide hours of sustenance and showcases a kitchen’s stellar ways with pork, but I also was peeved at the no bread thing. Especially because we waited and stared at an empty table for about 30-40 minutes for our food in a restaurant that was about 1/4 full at 11 a.m. on a weekday. The roasted tomato and mushrooms gave me a rare case of salt shock, too. Our tab for two adults and one toddler (and a baby who slept the whole time) came to about $90. But that’s NYC for you.

Jessica, there definitely seems to be a mythical NYC surcharge based on my recent trip, but even without that, the English breakfast still would have seemed expensive. I like the collective flavor of the plate, but that price tag was extreme.

I’ve eaten a few in my time, and that really is the only attractive English breakfast I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Maybe due to the omission of the black pudding or beans. I guess that makes it not “full,” but I think I’d prefer it.

Eastside Food Bites, that’s a good point. The Breslin’s Full English Breakfast may not be English enough for some people, but it may fit better with American tastes by removing the black pudding and beans cooked in pork fat.

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jo, foodgps. foodgps said: This week's Dose of Vitamin P: The Breslin Full English Breakfast […]

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