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The Pomerantz brothers, two of New York’s leading bagel practitioners, both worked as Merrill Lynch executives before starting Murray’s Bagels in 1996. Adam Pomerantz continues to lead the charge in the West Village, and Matt Pomerantz heads matters at Murray’s Bagels Chelsea. Both locations honor their (now) dearly departed father, which I learned about in a Newsday story titled “From Stocks to Lox.” They’ve each opened an additional concept, but I digress.

One of the foodstuffs I miss the most since leaving the New York Metro area in the mid ’90s is the bagel, and even though West Coasters like Schmendrick’s and Bowery Bagels are starting to roll some rings, I’m still willing to wait for my annual New York sojourn to partake. Murray’s is the closest thing I have to a regular bagel stop in New York, and they make the best bagels I’ve had…so far. They don’t allow people to toast bagels there, since it would only dry out the pliant dough. However, Pomerantz does allow customers to pile on schmears, smoked fish and more. My choice involved an Egg Sandwich ($3.80) featuring two eggs formed into fluffy folded-over omelet, a thick slice of molten orange cheddar ($0.75) and the pork de resistance, thick-cut bacon ($1). The bagel makers lined my choice of bagel with crispy toasted onion bits, adding toasty sweetness to a terrifc breakfast sandwich.

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