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Weekends bring prized pork leg with hard-boiled egg to a LAX-C Express steam table.

LAX-C Express, the Thai steam table café in a restaurant supply store northeast of Chinatown, has been around for over a decade. To feed hungry shoppers (or the general public), they offer one item for $4.95, two items for $5.95 and three items for $6.95. It’s a pretty simple formula, and on weekends, they make the decision even easier by serving Rice with Pork Leg ($5.95), my favorite LAX-C dish yet.

Stewed pork leg, infused with soy sauce and anise, arrived in lean, sticky chunks, a good match for the caramelized strips of glutinous, fat-lined pig skin, minced mustard greens, hard-boiled soy egg, steamed white rice and cilantro garnish. The pork had plenty of flavor on its own, but became even better (or more frightening) when served with a nuclear strength garlic chile sauce that could ward off vampires, or pretty much any people within a 100 meter radius. Better yet, the owners sell containers of house-made chile sauces to go.

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