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Ribs Todos Santos

Todos Santos, a Pueblo Mágico (“magical village”) in Baja California Sur that has Jesuit history and proved to be a key cog in our tour, exposed us to a surprisingly large number of globally influenced restaurants. At La Casita Tapas & Wine Bar, located by the artsy town’s sole stop light, Mazatlán native Sergio Rivera, who traveled the world via yacht as a private chef, is preparing Mexican food, envisioned through an international prism.

One such dish is Pork Ribs (170 pesos ~ $13.50). Chef Rivera slow cooks his baby backs in the oven for 24 hours, testing to see they’re done when he lifts up a bone and it sheds the rest of the rack. He finishes the pork in a pan, then lacquers the ribs in a tangy, subtly spicy chipotle raspberry molasses BBQ sauce, sprinkles with sesame seeds and plumes the pork with an aromatic rosemary sprig. His landlord’s got 10 acres out back, so he’s able to grow a panoply of seasonal vegetables, some of which were lucky enough to join the pork. In this case, that ended up being a tangle of sautéed zucchini “spaghetti,” bell pepper and tatsoi, lightly sautéed in oil and butter.

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