Jitlada Spicy Pork Belly + Crying Tiger Pork

Thai Food Los Angeles

On June 12, Taste of the Nation gathered chefs from nearly 50 of L.A.’s best restaurants at Culver City’s Media Park to help combat childhood hunger, and as expected, Jitlada co-owner Jazz Singsanong and her family brought the heat, featuring two spicy pork dishes that are regularly available at their southern Thai restaurant in Thai Town.

Thai Food Los Angeles
On the “Hot & Spicy” episode of a Food Network series called The Best Thing I Ever Ate, chef Curtis Stone singled out Jitlada’s crying tiger pork as his favorite spicy dish, and it was indeed good, featuring marinated and grilled pork that they blasted with pepper and Thai chilies, though it’s debatable whether it even achieved pork supremacy on the paper plate. Thin-sliced pork belly was coated with a fiery chile sauce and appeared with crunchy green beans. Ultimately, it didn’t matter which pork preparation was better, since Taste of the Nation attendees got to enjoy both tastes.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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I’ve been wanting to host a lunch here with my foodie group since I’ve heard so much about their food. Now, here’s an additional incentive to give them a try. I’m just wondering how spicy should I go?

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