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Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Pork and pepper form a potent one-two punch.

The Vietnamese Pork Confit ($11) at Highland Park’s Good Girl Dinette could easily be called a pepper pot, since that seasoning dominates the ramekin’s porcine proceedings so thoroughly. Still, anytime ground pork is cooked in its own juices, no complaints, especially when it’s sourced from Niman Ranch and served with seasonal greens that are sautéed with prodigious amounts of minced garlic. During my visit, the greens turned out to be cabbage sprouts from Yang Farm, which graced the “local seasonal sustainable” blackboard at chef-owner Diep Tran’s modern diner. The power of the dish’s black pepper was initially overpowering, but with each chew, and by cutting the intensity with greens and white rice, the pork achieved a lingering but manageable heat.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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