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Highland Park

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Barcade, System of a Stout + Session Fest 2019

Video games on phones come and go. One day Candy Crushin’ and the next wandering a neighborhood looking for Pokemon, but what has not gone out of style is the joy of standing in...
Taiwanese Food Los Angeles

Joy on York Mixed Pork Rice (Dose of Vitamin P)

Joy on York is a stylish Taiwanese spinoff from Pine & Crane owner Vivian Ku in Highland Park. The space touts brick and white walls sporting bamboo mats, spoons and a photo of Grandpa...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

SoLArC Pilot Batch Art, an Endless Rant + Beer Belly Turns 5!

Art, music, tacos and pilot batches of beer collided in Highland Park a week ago at the MorYork Gallery. The third in the series paired the sound “experiments” of Todd Lerew with the Secret...
Shandy Los Angeles

Hangar 24 Helles Lager Spruce Shandy (Drink of the Week)

The Hermosillo, a neighborhood beer bar in Highland Park from Ross Stephenson, Michael Blackman and Dustin Lancaster, continues to add elements, including beer-friendly bar food and special offerings. On July 11, Stephenson featured Hangar...
Bacon Los Angeles

Maximiliano Applewood Smoked Bacon (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

Bacon is overexposed. There’s no doubt. So as good as the salty slabs of pork belly can taste, it’s an obvious choice, and rarely worth spotlighting. We get it, bacon’s great. However, not all...
Vietnamese Food Los Angeles

Good Girl Dinette Vietnamese Pork Confit (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

The Vietnamese Pork Confit ($11) at Highland Park’s Good Girl Dinette could easily be called a pepper pot, since that seasoning dominates the ramekin’s porcine proceedings so thoroughly. Still, anytime ground pork is cooked...