Ford’s Filling Station 5th Anniversary Roast Pig

Pork Los Angeles

The e-vite to Ford’s Filling Station 5th Anniversary party certainly bode well. It featured a piglet leaping off a short pier into a pond strewn with water lilies. At the bottom, just above the restaurant’s address, appeared two magical words, PIG ROAST. Two things were certain: I was lucky to be invited to the celebration, and that I would be there. Ultimately, the event was less about the pig than the people, as any good party should be, but that pig sure was good while it lasted.

Pork Los Angeles
Check that, there were two roast piglets, which were on display in a smoker on the patio, not far from a blackboard diagram that labeled every section of pig as either GOOD or REALLY F***ING GOOD. Ford is a proponent of nose-to-tail dining who more or less became synonymous with pig during his whole hog appearance on Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern. Given that, it made sense that he and wife Emily would choose to celebrate their restaurant’s landmark anniversary by preparing (and sharing) their favorite animal.

Pork Los Angeles
Ford and his Ford’s Filling Station kitchen crew carved the pigs to order at the mouth of a buffet table. The accompaniments fell somewhere between Peking duck and banh mi, with flatbreads serving as the delivery method, and garnishes of julienne carrots and cucumber, plus barbecue sauce. On the side, we received quinoa salad and cabbage-apple slaw. After indulging, people enjoyed the high-energy live music and toasted the Fords with both beer and wine.

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