Animal Pork Chop (Dose of Vitamin P)

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There aren’t many apples that get eight-page spreads in The New Yorker, but SweeTango managed to pull off that feat in 2011 thanks to writer John Seabrook’s article. To help continue their forward momentum, and to help celebrate the latest season for their hybrid apple, which runs from August through October, SweeTango hosted a lunch at Animal, the no-holds-barred restaurant from chefs and co-owners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.

The SweeTango apple grows at a farming co-op that spans the northern United States and Canada. Honey Crisp is the apple’s Dad, Zestar is the mom. Dotolo described the apple just so: “light, sweet, got a little acid in the background.” He and Shook showcased the apple’s range of textures, and released simplified recipes of these four dishes online.

Lunch courses consisted of Hamachi Crudo and SweeTango Apples; Arugula and SweeTango Apple Salad; Sweet Potato And SweeTango Apple Soup; and my favorite plate, Pork Chop with SweeTango Apple Purée. The duo cooked the pork in an immersion circulator to achieve an exact temperature, then finished the juicy chop on the grill to develop a sear. Accompaniments included a sweet-tart apple sauce cut with a little sugar water, lovage vinaigrette with thyme and grainy mustard, and decorative garlic flowers.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 435 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Animal Pork Chop (Dose of Vitamin P)


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