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Sandwich Los Angeles

Daughter’s Deli Papa Sandwich

Trisha Langer, daughter of legendary L.A. deli man Norm Langer, clocked a lot of time at MacArthur Park’s iconic Langer’s Deli growing up, learning valuable lessons that She and her husband now apply at...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Wexler’s Deli Ruskie Sandwich

It took awhile for the promise of Grand Central Market to become a reality, but downtown L.A.’s retooled culinary destination, which dates to 1917, has finally reached critical mass. One of the key cogs...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Langer’s Deli #44 Sandwich

It probably seems counter-intuitive to order anything other than the #19 at Langer’s Deli, but if you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, why not risk another choice? After all, the Langer family...
Modern Deli

Cooperstein Delivers Deli 2010 to Hatchi

BREADBAR co-owner Ali Chalabi and “Chief Gastronomy Officer” Noriyuki Sugie supply inventive chefs with a Century City stage at their monthly “Hatchi Series.” The series is less than a year old, and SBE has...
Deli Los Angeles

Nate ‘n Al’s Deli Expands to Thousand Oaks [CLOSED]

The western fringe of the San Fernando Valley is becoming a deli hub. Brent’s Delicatessen started the pastrami infusion in 2008. Today, beloved 64-year-old Beverly Hills institution Nate ‘n Al’s joins the fray, opening...

The Deli at Little Dom’s Open for Business

Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet (Dominick’s, 101 Coffee Shop) debuted their Los Feliz deli at Little Dom’s, sharing Italian specialties with the neighborhood. The Deli at Little Dom’s features two-toned green tile floors, a...