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When Craftsman Brewing founder Mark Jilg and his team release a sour beer, do the right thing and seek it out immediately. The meticulous Pasadena brewer, who excels with traditional brewing styles, frequently produces sours. This summer, they rolled out Mesa Verde, which I found on tap at Library Alehouse in Santa Monica. The 12-ounce tulip glass cost $8 and cradled a cloudy amber hued beer that incorporated white wine grapes.

According to Craftsman brewer Patrick Curran, the grapes grew at Mesa Verde vineyard in California’s Santa Ynez Valley. Brander Vineyard sourced the Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which they transformed into wine. After pressing the grapes and transferring the juice to barrels to ferment, Craftsman scored the skins and sediment, which sported an “apple sauce consistency” and helped enliven their “simple 2-row” base. The resulting beer, which fermented in oak barrels, delivered lingering tartness, nice floral notes and 7% ABV.


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