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Sandwich Los Angeles

Lost At Sea Albacore Tuna Melt (Food of the Week)

Lost At Sea made me forget what I know about the tuna melt, a typically humble teaming of canned tuna, bright yellow cheese, and bagged bread. The seafood restaurant from chef Tim Carey and...
Mexican Restaurant Pasadena

Trejo’s Cantina, Lune de Miel + Chapman Turns 1

Danny Trejo is fast on his way to becoming better known more for tacos (and donuts) than for his movie roles. If you head over to his newest Trejo’s Cantina in Pasadena’s Playhouse District,...
Juice Los Angeles

Ha’s Apple Farm Kyoho Grape Juice (Drink of the Week)

Summer calls to mind cherries, peaches, strawberries, and so many more beautiful fruits. At some of the best SoCal farmers markets, you’ll also find Ha’s Apple Farm, a revered Tehachapi farm from Kyung Ha...
Coffee Los Angeles

Art + Science Cafe Military Latte (Drink of the Week)

Between CalTech, the Norton Simon Museum, and ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena City College, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena clearly appreciates art and science. Where do all of these creative people get the...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Bone Kettle Oxtail Dumplings (Food of the Week)

Komodo, an Asian fusion restaurant from chef Erwin Tjahyadi and business minded brother Eric, has earned a loyal following in Beverlywood and Venice. I’m always happy to eat their mochiko fried chicken, gambas al...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Harlowe’s French Dip Pork Dip (Dose of Vitamin P)

Los Angeles is the undisputed French dip capital of the world, with Philippe’s and Cole’s both vying for inventor credit way back in 1908. I’ve always been partial to Phillipe’s, but regardless, Los Angeles...