Class 302: Vaulting to the Head of the SGV Shaved Snow Class

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Shaved Snow Los Angeles

Sadly, and often sweetly, every food crawl has to end. Our journey through the eastern San Gabriel Valley with Danny Chen, who goes by Kung Food Panda, stopped at Four Sea for Taiwanese breakfast and Ding’s Garden for Shanghai classics before culminating at Class 302, a justifiably revered Taipei-style shaved snow emporium in a Rowland Heights strip mall.

According to Chen, Class 302 is named for third grade, second class, a grade school designation in Taiwan. They specialize in flaky sheets of “snow,” smooth ribbons of flavored, extruded ice that resemble the layers of a Cadbury Flake candy bar and have been known to run out by 3 p.m.

Shaved Snow Los Angeles
Mango Strawberry ($6.50) may have been my favorite bowl, with condensed milk shaved snow topped with even more condensed milk and plenty of sweet, fresh fruit.

Shaved Snow Los Angeles
Mango ($6.50) was another big winner, with mango-flavored snow topped with sweetened condensed milk, fresh chunks of mango and glutinous rice cakes.

Shaved Snow Los Angeles
Green Bean, Red Bean Shaved Snow ($6.50) was completely different, but nearly as successful, with a mountain of green tea snow, more rice cakes, cascading condensed milk and a central mound of earthy, sweetened red bean.

Shaved Snow Los Angeles
Caramel Pudding Shaved Snow ($6.25) was my least favorite, with an overly sweet, cloying pudding in the middle. The accompanying pitcher of syrup would have been better kept to pancakes.

Despite the caramel pudding snow, it was still clear that Class 302 was a step up from shaved ice, which is just a vessel for ingredients, whereas the shaved snow is infused with flavor. The smooth, creamy texture of the snow was also awfully appealing, and on hot days, of which there seem to be a lot in the eastern San Gabriel Valley, post-meal trips would most definitely be in order.

Class 302: Vaulting to the Head of the SGV Shaved Snow Class

1015 Nogales Street Rowland Heights CA 91748

Joshua Lurie

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Enjoyed this post and the photos. How does that ribbony texture compare to the snowy ice texture? It looks beautiful.

Thanks, Tiffin Unboxed. The shaved snow would be hard to beat because it has built-flavor, and it isn’t icy, it has a creamier consistency.

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