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Chinese Food Los Angeles

Little Shanghai Pork Kidney & Liver (Dose of Vitamin P)

If strip malls are known entities in L.A., are food courts the next frontier? The food court in the back corner of Rowland Heights’ Pacific Plaza doesn’t have much buzz, but I still wanted...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

No. 1 Noodle House Dandan Noodles (Dose of Vitamin P)

“Say Yes.” One of my favorite Elliot Smith songs shares a name with Yes Plaza in Rowland Heights, and in both cases, it pays to accentuate the positive. The strip mall in the eastern...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Seafood Village: Dim Sum and Roast Meats in Rowland Heights

A business meeting brought me to Rowland Heights, but it was dim sum that kept me in the San Gabriel Valley, a wide swath of land that’s justly renowned for Chinese food. Drink Eat...
Shaved Snow Los Angeles

Class 302: Vaulting to the Head of the SGV Shaved Snow Class

Sadly, and often sweetly, every food crawl has to end. Our journey through the eastern San Gabriel Valley with Danny Chen, who goes by Kung Food Panda, stopped at Four Sea for Taiwanese breakfast...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

Ding’s Garden: Shanghainese Restaurant Doesn’t Fake the Funk

A stroll through Hsi Lai, the largest Buddhist temple in the United States, was a good way to break up the gluttony on a multi-stop crawl through the eastern San Gabriel Valley with Danny...
Indonesian Food Los Angeles

Java Spice: Sizzling Indonesian Food in Rowland Heights

The San Gabriel Valley has become synonymous with Chinese food, but the sprawling sun-scorched lowlands feature plenty of other enticing Asian options. For example, writer Linda Burum recently guided me to a Rowland Heights...