Choe Gang Jip Soy Jokbal [CLOSED]

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Alexandria Plaza has become one of Koreatown’s most buzzworthy strip malls thanks to Sun Nong Dan’s hearty stews and Hangari Bajirak Kalgooksoo’s house-made noodle soups. Choe Gang Jip showcases different dishes, centering on jokbal, marinated and grilled pig trotter.

Chef Jong Won Paik has “many well-known restaurants in Korea” and a wall of framed Korean press to prove it. The glass-fronted space features red corrugated metal and faux stone walls, wood tables, photo and wall-mounted menus, and an exhibition kitchen that reveals a sea of sheet trays piled with bony pig’s feet.

Spicy jokbal stars trotters slathered with gochujang. I opted for Soy Jokbal ($13.99 small) featuring pig’s feet marinated in soy sauce and fire-grilled. The marinade achieved good absorption, penetrating chewy, collagen-rich skin to the bone. Between bones, I cadged tiny nuggets of meat and crunchy cartilage. If you’re willing to put in a serious jaw workout and don’t mind a range of food textures, Choe Gang Jip’s jokbal is a good bet.

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Address: 3470 W 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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