Che Fico Grilled Chopped Duck Liver

Italian Food San Francisco

Che Fico chef David Nayfeld draws on Jewish-Italian traditions for dishes like grilled chopped duck liver.

Che Fico was a hit straight out of the gate, from the moment Anderson Cooper Instagrammed his pizza. Former Eleven Madison Park Senior Sous Chef David Nayfeld teamed with Matt Brewer on this modern Italian restaurant on the second floor of a NoPa building with airy dining room, exposed rafters, and a wood-burning pizza oven named Loretta.

Nayfeld devotes an entire menu section to Cucina Ebraica. According to the menu description, “Reflective of the Jewish-Italian tradition, these dishes represent Chef Nayfeld’s favorite peasant comfort foods.” Grilled Chopped Duck Liver ($13) was the best dish I tried from this section, a beautifully balanced offal preparation plated with sweet onion marmalata, crunchy half moons of purple daikon, and sharp pickled onions. Pile each component on crispy ridged Roman matzo lined with white and black sesame seeds and be transported to Rome’s Jewish Quarter by way of California.


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