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Italian Food San Francisco

Che Fico Grilled Chopped Duck Liver

Che Fico was a hit straight out of the gate, from the moment Anderson Cooper Instagrammed his pizza. Former Eleven Madison Park Senior Sous Chef David Nayfeld teamed with Matt Brewer on this modern...
Duck San Francisco

The Morris Smoked Duck

The Morris is a San Francisco revelation from seasoned sommelier Paul Einbund and chef Gavin Schmidt in the Mission. Their corner restaurant serves some serious seasonal California comfort food, with smoked duck serving as...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Dha Rae Oak Spicy Duck Soup

Since my last visit to Dha Rae Oak in Los Angeles, which involved delectable smoked duck, Chef Chung Mi Rae and husband Kim Gil Rae have further bolstered their quacktastic line-up. The couple already...
Duck Santa Barbara

Downey’s Duck [CLOSED]

At Downey’s, a seasonal Santa Barbara institution that dates to 1982, chef John Downey and wife/front of house partner Liz present seasonal dishes with local ingredients in a classy setting near The Arlington Theatre....
Korean Food Los Angeles

Dha Rae Oak Smoked Duck

If it quacks, you can probably order it at Dha Rae Oak, a Korean restaurant from Chef Chung Mi Rae and husband Kim Gil Rae that has a sprawling menu, but ostensibly specializes in...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Sun Ha Jang: Swimming in Rivers of Duck Fat

December’s late night stop to help Matthew “Mattatouille” Kang celebrate his birthday led to a discussion about Koreatown. Recommendations from Kang and Biergarten owner Neil Kwon resulted in a very good bowl of gam...