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We’re living in the age of the Instagram-friendly mash-up, many of which don’t feel fit to eat. Thankfully, some of these Franken-foods aren’t just camera friendly; they actually taste great. For instance, take Frederic Laski and wife Laila at Chaumont Street in Beverly Hills. The French-born couple already built a hit with Chaumont Bakery & Café and expanded next door this year with a focused grain bowl and dessert concept that features the frossant (frozen croissant).

Chaumont Bakery crafts some of the flakiest, most buttery croissants in L.A., so it makes sense for them to apply that skill to a new form. Their frossant features soft serve served in rich Isigny butter croissant cones that are sturdier than their standard croissants, allowing the vessel to stand up to melting ice cream. To start, they featured two composed preparations ($6.75 each). I enjoyed Organic Vanilla Rush with organic Tahitian vanilla soft serve paired with crumbled Valrhona pecan cookie and chamomile blossoms. Still, I preferred Organic Matcha Drift that teams earthy organic matcha soft serve with hazelnuts, a dusting of Genmaicha, and refreshing micro mint. As you can see, Chaumont Street’s frossants also look ultra-stylish, but they lead with flavor. If only this much thought and effort went into other mash-ups.

Address: 145 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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We were hooked at “froissant”. All we can ask is — how have we not come across this until now? The matcha sounds (and looks) incredible. We may have found a new favorite.

This dessert has only existed for a couple months. Don’t kick yourself; just go.

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