Sausage Los Angeles

Schreiner’s Smoked Polish Sausage

Abe Froman may have been The Sausage King of Chicago in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and Walter Schreiner would undoubtedly be The Sausage King of Sparr Heights. All three of them. The original Walter...
Sausage Oakland

Pizzaiolo Meat-Up Sausage

Temescal, the bucolic neighborhood in north Oakland, still holds some surprises. On March 23, I was headed to Doughnut Dolly, the popular piped-to-order donut shop in Temescal Alley – one-time stable houses that now...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Seoul Sausage: Buzzworthy Korean on Little Osaka Side Street [MOVED]

A lot can happen in two years. I first encountered Seoul Sausage in 2010 at the LA Street Food Fest when they were pressing to hand out quarter-cuts of sausage with sliced bread on...
Sausage Los Angeles

Gertler’s Kitchen Uber Kaiser [CLOSED]

It may sound strange to contradict Adam Gertler, who recently called his Reuben Dog The Best Thing I Ever Made on the Food Network. The chef and host of Kid in a Candy Store...
Sausage San Francisco

Show Dogs: Gaining Sausage Separation in San Francisco [CLOSED]

If anybody’s going to point any fingers, they should probably be directed at Doug Sohn. That’s the man who owns Hot Doug’s, a nearly decade old Chicago concept that pretty much inspired America’s nouveau...
Restaurant Sign Mount Pleasant

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs: Going Intergalactic on Highway 17

Charleston area real estate agent Jack Hurley opened Jack’s Cosmic Dogs in 2000 on a busy stretch of Highway 17 about eight miles past The Wreck of the Richard & Charlene in Mount Pleasant....