Schreiner’s Smoked Polish Sausage

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Abe Froman may have been The Sausage King of Chicago in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and Walter Schreiner would undoubtedly be The Sausage King of Sparr Heights. All three of them. The original Walter Schreiner opened Schreiner’s Fine Sausages in the north Glendale neighborhood in the ’50s and his son and grandson by the same name have made sure the butcher shop with floor to ceiling wood and shaded sidewalk tables has remained vital.

Most meat products are available to take home, but since Food GPS is destination focused, I gravitated towards the sandwich board. Soft French rolls cradle mustard, mayo, pickles, and your choice of protein. I opted for hardwood smoked Polish sausage ($3.75) crafted with 100% pork, cooked, and sliced. For an extra $1.50, I was able to squeeze in molten Swiss cheese and tangy house-made sauerkraut that helped to give my sandwich welcome punch.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 3417 Ocean View Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91208

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