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The Punchbowl Halva Shake

In an increasingly generic Los Feliz landscape, The Punchbowl has got to be the most Zen place in the neighborhood, which makes sense given the background of the owners. Christiana Solano and Jonathon Wright...
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Drink Juice

John Park is capitalizing on his ambitions. The longtime pastry chef from leading establishments like Water Grill and Lukshon now operates two Quenelle ice cream parlors, in Burbank and San Marino, and runs the...
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Nature’s Brew Vitalizer

Danny Kronfli, brother Bobby Kronfli and chef Lior Hillel have developed the prototypical college café. Nature’s Brew resides in University Park, due north of USC, and touts reclaimed wood, communal mismatched seating and pretty...
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Nuoc Mia Ninh Kieu: Featuring Sugar Cane in a Food Court [CLOSED]

My trip to Vietnam in 2005 left a lot of indelible images, including a walk through a series of back alleys in northern Ha Noi that led to a man hand-cranking a sugar cane...
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The Juice Fountain: Drinking Tropical Essentials in Hollywood

Several months back, The Juice Fountain closed to make way for the redevelopment boom that is rapidly transforming Hollywood. Thankfully, the closure was temporary, and Elizabeth Perez has resurfaced at a new Hollywood Boulevard...