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In an increasingly generic Los Feliz landscape, The Punchbowl has got to be the most Zen place in the neighborhood, which makes sense given the background of the owners. Christiana Solano and Jonathon Wright relocated from Manhattan, where they created juice at Pure Food and Wine, and have now teamed with friend Al on a “peaceful little enclave where people could take a breather and listen to good music and fill their bodies with delicious, nutrient-rich juices and foods.” I previously praised their Golden Bowl, one of the Top Los Angeles Turmeric Drinks, and the trio clearly has a lot more flavor to contribute.

The Punchbowl’s Halva Shake ($10) is a potable play on a sesame dessert that’s especially popular in Israel. The Punchbowl bolsters a banana base with almond milk (or cashew milk), nutty house-made tahini, Turkish figs and Medjool dates. The shake is blended until frothy and served with a sprinkling of sesame seeds to hammer home the halva connection.

Address: 4645 Melbourne Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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