Nature’s Brew Vitalizer (Drink of the Week)

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Danny Kronfli, brother Bobby Kronfli and chef Lior Hillel have developed the prototypical college café. Nature’s Brew resides in University Park, due north of USC, and touts reclaimed wood, communal mismatched seating and pretty much every beverage under the sun. Sandwiches are sizable, pastries are baked in-house, and of course they’ve got gluten-free and vegan options. Nature’s Brew also pulls dozens of espresso shots per day and serves Mason jars of iced coffee, smoothies and fresh blended juices.

No, these juices aren’t cold-pressed, so they lose a couple trend points, but I’ve always enjoyed the results, whether they’re build-your-own, or prescribed. Yes, they’ve developed combinations that work especially well together. Recently, that was a pulpy Vitalizer ($5.75) combining beet, orange and carrot juice. Since I’m a root vegetable fan, this was a win.

Address: 2316 South Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Nature’s Brew Vitalizer (Drink of the Week)


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