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Juice Los Angeles

Several months back, The Juice Fountain closed to make way for the redevelopment boom that is rapidly transforming Hollywood. Thankfully, the closure was temporary, and Elizabeth Perez has resurfaced at a new Hollywood Boulevard storefront with her smoothie and juice parlor, which dates to 1969. Ms. Perez emigrated from Bogota in 1963 and devoted her life to fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which are ubiquitous in her native Colombia, but more uncommon Stateside. The Juice Fountain was a name her husband suggested.

Juice Los Angeles
As packed shelves of fresh melons, guavas and bananas can attest, Ms. Perez doesn’t take shortcuts when producing her ambrosial nectars.

Juice Los Angeles
This hand-painted menu used to grace the walls of the old location, around the corner on Vine Street. Some of the descriptions are just as colorful as the menu, highlighted by the Fruit Rainbow: watermelon, strawberries, papaya, blackberries, orange and banana.

Juice Los Angeles
These signs also made the trip around the corner. Among these offerings, the Cantaloupe Cream and Guava Delight are particularly appealing.

Juice Los Angeles
Here’s a pitcher of Blackberry Cream: blackberries, pineapple, honey and milk. At The Juice Fountain, each smoothie or juice is served in a 16-ounce Styrofoam cup, with the residual liquid left in the pitcher. In all, each order contains at least 25 ounces of juice.

Juice Los Angeles
Here’s a pitcher of Athlete’s Special: cashews, dates, fruit and low-fat milk. No need to show any more pitchers. Finally, they all look similar, just different colors.

When I first learned The Juice Fountain would be closing, I was convinced Los Angeles had lost a culinary treasure. Thankfully, Ms. Perez persevered and we’re still able to enjoy her juices and smoothies, which are just as good and before, and undoubtedly the best in town.

Address: 6332 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA

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