Hamburger Hut

Cheeseburger Los Angeles

Burgerlords Double Cheeseburger

The Burgerlords come by their name honestly. Fred Guerrero and brother Max are the sons of The Oinkster founder Andre Guerrero and run the popular #BURGERLORDS Tumblr, “the only online burger index that has...
Hamburger Los Angeles

The Oinkster Thai Elvis Burger

“Well they said you was high-classed. Well, that was just a lie.” I still remember Kavee Thongpreecha singing those words when the Elvis impersonator would perform at the original Palms Thai location in Thai...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Cismontane Brewing Marea Roja

Evan Weinberg and Ross Stewart may have launched Cismontane Brewing on the side of a mountain in out-of-the-way Rancho Santa Margarita, but they’ve still made solid craft beer inroads. The childhood friends recently opened...
Market Los Angeles

Short Order: New Americana at L.A.’s Original Farmers Market [CLOSED]

The Original Farmers Market has been an iconic L.A. destination since 1934, but it took the combined efforts of restaurateur Bill Chait, the late Amy Pressman, her longtime friend Nancy Silverton, and executive chef...
Burger Los Angeles

The Oinkster Thrilla From Manila Burger

The Oinkster chef-owner Andre Guerrero and sons Max and Fred riff on seven classic burgers every year for Burger Week at the family’s Eagle Rock restaurant. This year, they took on Wendy’s, Taco Bell...
Burger Maui

Sure Thing Burger Spiced Pork Burger [CLOSED]

Surfing clearly requires confidence. How else can the daredevils who flock to Maui, Oahu and the surrounding Hawaiian Islands face waves that tower over their heads? Josiah Citrin, the chef who helms Melisse and...