Sure Thing Burger Spiced Pork Burger (Dose of Vitamin P)

Burger Maui

Surfing clearly requires confidence. How else can the daredevils who flock to Maui, Oahu and the surrounding Hawaiian Islands face waves that tower over their heads? Josiah Citrin, the chef who helms Melisse and grew up surfing in Santa Monica, clearly must have confidence in the kitchen as well. After all, he cooks daring cuisine in L.A. and recently partnered in a hamburger concept that pretty much promises success. As we learned, Sure Thing Burger, located along Lahaina’s main drag, Front Street, has got a product to back up the talk.

Kyle Kim runs front of the house and mutual friend Scott Picard heads up business development. Citrin engineered four burgers for the planter-lined wood shack with patio seating, including a grass fed Maui beef burger and a similarly impressive spiced pork burger, crafted from shoulder and belly meat and griddled until it forms a serious sear. The juicy patty peeks out of a soft, toasted bun with crunchy slaw, a slice of American cheese, caramelized onions and tangy Kona coffee barbecue sauce. As the cook said, “Make sure to grab some napkins. It’s juicy.” Also be sure to add a side of thick-cut, skin on French fries, blanched and then fried to keep them crisp outside and creamy inside.

During our visit, Kyle Kim said they’ve been scouting a potential location in downtown Los Angeles, and in response to our visit, Chef Citrin got on Twitter and in a promising message, said people will be “enjoying STB in LA soon.”

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 790 Front Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

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