Cascabel Taco Shop Lox Tacos (Food of the Week)

Who said lox and bagels were partners for life? Dominican-American chef Alex Eusebio, who’s already had success with Sweetsalt and Cascabel Restaurant in Toluca Lake, recently added a freewheeling, fast-casual Mexican restaurant called Cascabel Taco Shop in adjacent Burbank, and yes, he serves lox tacos.

Lox tacos ($12) sport a glistening dice of silky cured salmon and a Mexican riff on the accoutrements you’d find in a typical lox and bagel platter: fried capers, crème fraîche, radishes, Serrano chilies, black bean puree, and beets, all nestled in thin, crispy corn shells.

Lox tacos don’t have the bite you’d expect from a restaurant with rattlesnake mural – the name refers to a mild chile that’s Spanish for “rattle” – but not every dish needs venom.

Address: 4005 Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505, USA

Joshua Lurie

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