Boeufhaus Ribeye

Steak Chicago

Dry-aged ribeye cooks in a cast-iron pan at Boeufhaus and pairs well with boeuf fat fries.

Chicago, a city situated at America’s crossroads, has a historic reputation for their stockyards, slaughterhouses, meatpacking facilities, and butcher shops. Thankfully, we’re over a century removed from Upton Sinclair’s vision of the meat industry in his novel, “The Jungle,” and Chicago remains a steak destination. Boeufhaus is a modern vision for a beef-focused restaurant on the Ukrainian Village/Humboldt Park border that includes a well-curated butcher shop up front and some stupendous meat dishes.

Chef Brian Ahern and co-owner Jamie Finnegan debuted Boeufhaus in April 2015. During a recent lunch, the marble counter, brick walls, and wood tables were impressive, but Creekstone Farms grass-fed, corn-finished beef was clearly the star, particularly the ribeye.

Ribeye ($54) is dry-aged for 35 days, forming deep flavor. The beef’s seared in a cast-iron pan, finished in the oven and rested before getting drizzled with sticky haus jus (aka Bordelaise). This steak would be a dream meal on its own, but you might as well match the rosy slices with fantastic skin-on Boeuf Fat Fries ($5) with sea salt and malt vinegar aioli.


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