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Korean Barbecue Los Angeles

8 Korean BBQ, Grace Min’s pork-focused restaurant that previously went by Palsaik Samgyupsal, now showcases eight different flavors of pork belly at three locations: L.A.’s Koreatown, Buena Park, and Singapore. Min makes it clear in messaging that her food is “not all you can eat,” meaning diners can expect better quality and service.

Meats cook on a state-of-the-art tabletop grill that’s tilted and utilizes a drain for excess fat. Tempting pork preparations include jowl, belly butchered to resemble a flower, and garlic steak. Still, I’d start with the restaurant’s eight distinct flavors of Mangalitsa pork belly: curry, garlic, ginseng, herb, miso paste, original (au natural), red pepper paste, and wine.

Wall mounted plaques hype each ingredient’s health benefits. For example, sesame “stimulates the metabolism.” Garlic “lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure [and ] helps the body’s natural flow.” Herb “alleviates stress and depression.” Of course, adding pork belly to the mix may undercut some benefits. I’ll continue operating under the premise that a flight of eight different pork bellies isn’t exactly diet fare, but still appreciate the dish’s charms: crisp, meaty, fat-streaked slabs that showcase a diverse flavor spectrum and pair beautifully with punchy banchan and sweet grilled onions.

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