20 Fun Facts From KCRW Pie Class at New School of Cooking

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Pie Los Angeles

Evan Kleiman helped to show pie's staggering range with savory tomato pie.


DAVID LEFEVRE – New England Clam Chowder Dumpling Pie

11. Growing up, LeFevre caught blue crabs with his grandpa, earning 25 cents for a hard shell, $1 for a soft-shell.

12. On Charlie Trotter’s externship: “It was like climbing Mount Everest every day with that job.”

13. They sold 6,000 orders of biscuits last month at Manhattan Beach Post.

14. Nueske bacon is “really smoky, great aroma, not very sweet,” from LeFevre’s home state of Wisconsin.

15. On manufacturing cream: “If for some reason you don’t like rich, creamy fat that drips down your chin, you can use skim milk.”

David LeFevre made New England clam chowder like no other.

16. “Blonde roux is melted butter cooked with flour,” for a sauce like Mornay. Tan roux is slightly darker. Gumbo requires dark roux with “coffee, nutty” flavor.

17. LeFevre prefers regular unsalted butter for chowder. For baking, or to finish sauce like Beurre Blanc, he’ll use Plugra.

18. When mixing dough, LeFevre said, “What I’m looking for is hazelnut sized pieces or larger.”

19. “With a pot pie, you have to have a bottom crust. Everything I believe in, in this world, tells me there needs to be a bottom on a pot pie.”

20. On Kleiman: “She’s like the Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi of pie making. I’m more like C-3PO.”


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