12 Top Los Angeles Pretzels

Pretzels Los Angeles

Pretzels feature prominently in M.B. Post's "pass the bread" board.


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Pretzel Los Angeles
7. Got Kosher? – Pretzel Challah: At Got Kosher? in Beverlywood’s Kosher Corridor, chef-owner Alain Cohen makes his family’s Tunisian dishes, which he remembers from his Paris youth, along with a unique bread hybrid: pretzel challah. The compelling mash-up’s available by the loaf or roll, with judicious interior sweetness and a burnished pretzel-like sheathe.

Pretzel Los Angeles
8. Hudson House – The Pretzel Burger: Hudson House is the kind of place you wish was in your neighborhood, or if you live in Redondo Beach, it actually is in your neighborhood. It’s right on PCH and pays homage to the old days of beach living with a great black and white photo on the back wall. The menu has variety and is not overpriced; the bar has a wonderful selection of beers and cocktails and the happy hour is killer.

Hudson House has graced their menu with two pretzel sandwiches – the pretzel burger and a pulled pork sandwich on a pretzel croissant. The pork sandwich, while delicious, was less pretzel-y: the croissant is made out of pretzel dough, and while it has the wonderful buttery and flakey aspects you love in a croissant, it misses the pretzel aspects. However, the winner here (in terms of pretzels) is the pretzel burger. The burger itself and all of its accoutrements are excellent, the pretzel bun really hits its mark. The bun is thick yet light, lightly salty, and is washed with butter and bacon fat. Anything washed with bacon fat AND butter must be a treat indeed and this one is well worth the indulgence.

9. M.B. Post – Fleur de Sel Pretzel

Chef David LeFevre encourages diners to “Pass the Bread,” and while M.B. Post is best known for their addictive bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits, don’t sleep on the Fleur de Sel Pretzel ($4), a shimmering lye-dipped beauty that comes with “David’s nuclear horseradish mustard.”

Pretzel Los Angeles
10. Röckenwagner – Jalapeño and Cheese Pretzel: At Röckenwager, their pastries are seasonal, staff is helpful, and breakfast is ample. And, for any West-LA-er, Röckenwager is the go-to place for pretzels. Röckenwager also has their pastries and pretzels at Whole Foods. Röckenwager has twists, rolls, sweet pretzels, and savory pretzels. And, more than just having variations, each one is a spectacular pretzel specimen.

The show pretzel highlighted here is the jalapeño cheese pretzel. Think of this as a German personal pizza. No marinara, but plenty of jalapeños layered throughout the abundant cheesy top. The pretzel base holds its own against the melted cheese and jalapeños and complements the flavors quite well.

And if a sweeter pretzel is what you prefer, they have a raisin pretzel on the weekends (at least they do at the Mar Vista location).

Pretzel Los Angeles
11. Sugarbloom Bakery – Pretzel Croissant

Taza is a “social coffee house” that former entertainment exec Sonny Mediana opened with his wife near Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park. On weekends, they invite Sharon Wang, a Thomas Keller Restaurant Group veteran and Sugarbloom founder, to create progressive pastries for customers. Her scintillating Pretzel Croissant ($3.50), an inspired hybrid, features flaky pastry and utilizes whole wheat and sesame seeds.

Pretzel Los Angeles
12. Tom Bergin’s – House-Made Pretzel with Mustard [NEW OWNERSHIP]: Chef Brandon Boudet and business partner Warner Ebbink revitalized Tom Bergin’s Old Horseshoe and Thoroughbred Club in 2012, which still has wood walls in an A-Frame dining room, wrought iron chandeliers, and clovers touting names of loyal customers and good tippers. Pastry chef Ann Kirk continues to make a House-Made Pretzel with Mustard ($4), a soft twist that transitions easily to dishes like Colcannon Salad, Mushroom Pie, or hearty Corned Beef & Cabbage.

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This is an awesome list. In addition, Wirtshaus on La Brea makes a delicious pretzel among other things at this German Beer Hall.

Sean, thanks for the pretzel tip. I’ve seen the goliath pretzel at Wirtshaus, but haven’t tried it. Hell, you could probably see that pretzel from Santa Monica.

Great list! I just had a pretty great philly-style soft pretzel at rita’s in redondo beach:


Definitely wanna try the Clementine one – my husband goes there almost every day!

Lynn, thanks for commenting. I hadn’t heard of Philly Phanatics, but it makes sense a Philly-style restaurant would have a good pretzel. I’ve had great pretzels in Philly.

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