12 Top Los Angeles Pretzels

Pretzels Los Angeles

Pretzels feature prominently in M.B. Post's "pass the bread" board.


The pretzel isn’t a new thing by any means, but it certainly has started making more appearances throughout L.A., often in the shape of a bun, a re-worked crust, or a new thing to dip into a delicious sauce. We’ve scoured this great city in search of pretzels and its many iterations and below are some favorites, regardless of form.

Establishments appear in alphabetical order instead of in order of preference.

7. Little Flower Candy Co. – Pretzel Dog

The original west Pasadena cafe from Christine Moore, partner Pam Perkins and head baker Cecilia Leung continue to keep food fun at Little Flower Candy Co., which has been in business since late 2007. Pretzel Dog ($7) is a salted, pretzel-coiled hot dog with good chew, open at either end, co-starring whole grain mustard. -JL

Pretzel Los Angeles

Little Flower’s pretzel dog incorporates a hot dog into a pretzel to great effect.

8. M.B. Post – Fleur de Sel Pretzel

Chef David LeFevre encourages diners to “Pass the Bread,” and while M.B. Post is best known for their addictive bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits, don’t sleep on the Everything Spiced Soft Pretzel ($8). This twisted, shimmering lye-poached beauty comes with “David’s nuclear horseradish mustard” at dinner and appears with smoked salmon shmeer, cucumber and red onion at brunch. -TM

9. Röckenwagner – Jalapeño and Cheese Pretzel

At Röckenwager, their pastries are seasonal, staff is helpful, and breakfast is ample. And, for any West-LA-er, Röckenwager is the go-to place for pretzels. Röckenwager also has their pastries and pretzels at Whole Foods. Röckenwager has twists, rolls, sweet pretzels, and savory pretzels. And, more than just having variations, each one is a spectacular pretzel specimen. If a sweeter pretzel is what you prefer, their Mar Vista location has a raisin pretzel on weekends. -TM

Pretzel Los Angeles

Röckenwager’s show pretzel is the jalapeño cheese pretzel. Think of this as a German personal pizza. No marinara, but plenty of jalapeños layered throughout the abundant cheesy top. The pretzel base holds its own against melted cheese and jalapeños complement the flavors quite well.

10. Shappy Pretzel Co. – Philly Soft Pretzels

This is an unexpected pandemic venture from actor Adam Shapiro, a regular on the TV show “Never Have I Ever” and Philadelphia native. He started selling soft salted pretzels in late 2020 and got an unexpected boost from wife Katie Lowes (“Scandal”), who fills in for Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” When Ryan Seacrest asked about her pregnancy cravings, she mentioned her husband’s pretzels. Shappy got Seacrest his pretzels and he endorsed them as “fluffy, puffy, and doughy in the middle,” creating instant demand for a product that wasn’t available to the public at that point. Shappy reluctantly started baking pretzels professionally and the operation soon grew so big he had to move out of the Studio City home kitchen while his wife was nesting with their newborn. Shappy trained bakers at BREADBAR in El Segundo and bought a delivery van that sports Shappy’s logo. His excellent pretzels are available at designated locations across L.A. -JL

Pretzels Los Angeles

Philly native Adam Shapiro turned a childhood passion into a major side hustle.

11. Sugarbloom Bakery – Pretzel Croissant

Sharon Wang is a Thomas Keller Restaurant Group veteran who launched Sugarbloom in 2012 and initially created progressive pastries for Taza, a “social coffee house” in Arcadia that’s no longer in business. She later partnered with Eric Ng on a wholesale bakery in Glassell Park. Her scintillating Pretzel Croissant ($3.50) is available on a regular basis at local Blue Bottle Coffee bars and at other select wholesale accounts. -JL

Pretzel Los Angeles

Sugarbloom’s inspired hybrid features flaky, pull-apart pastry that utilizes whole wheat, sesame seeds and sea salt.

12. West Coast Pretzels – Soft Pretzels

Longtime Warner Bros. executive Kevin Bricklin started baking terrific “East Coast inspired soft pretzels with a West Coast twist” from his Studio City kitchen and now runs a full-fledged Sun Valley shop. He now offers vegan soft pretzels with chewy coats true to Philadelphia traditions with toppings ranging from everything spices to jalapeño and a blend of Jack and Cheddar cheese. Bricklin has expanded the menu to include pretzel dogs, pretzel pizzas and pretzel nuggets served with dippable nacho cheese. West Coast Pretzels are also available wholesale and at the Hollywood Bowl.-JL

Pretzels Los Angeles

Kevin Bricklin’s enticing pretzels are available in many forms, including twists, buns and nuggets.

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This is an awesome list. In addition, Wirtshaus on La Brea makes a delicious pretzel among other things at this German Beer Hall.

Sean, thanks for the pretzel tip. I’ve seen the goliath pretzel at Wirtshaus, but haven’t tried it. Hell, you could probably see that pretzel from Santa Monica.

Great list! I just had a pretty great philly-style soft pretzel at rita’s in redondo beach:


Definitely wanna try the Clementine one – my husband goes there almost every day!

Lynn, thanks for commenting. I hadn’t heard of Philly Phanatics, but it makes sense a Philly-style restaurant would have a good pretzel. I’ve had great pretzels in Philly.

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