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Pretzels Los Angeles

12 Top Los Angeles Pretzels

The pretzel isn’t a new thing by any means, but it certainly has started making more appearances throughout L.A., often in the shape of a bun, a re-worked crust, or a new thing to...
Tea Los Angeles

Taza: A Social Coffee House Tango (Drink of the Week) [CLOSED]

Just one thing I appreciate about Taza. A Social Coffee House is that owner Sonny Mediana is willing to experiment. Unlike some coffeehouses in L.A., which stick to a coffee and tea script that...
Cookie Los Angeles

16 Top Los Angeles Cookies

In Los Angeles, cookies appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes and pack plenty of different ingredients, but regardless of the composition, all 16 cookies on this list satisfy. View Los Angeles Cookies...
Hot Chocolate Los Angeles

10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates

Los Angeles is far from frigid, but occasionally, when the days are short and a chill hits, you can now be prepared with 10 Top Los Angeles Hot Chocolates. View Los Angeles Hot Chocolate...
Coffee Sign Los Angeles

Taza Social Coffee House Hosts Sugarbloom Weekend Pastries

Thanks to homegrown talent, Arcadia’s merits are starting to extend beyond Santa Anita Park and Din Tai Fung Dumpling House. The next generation is in evidence at Taza, a “social coffee house” that former...