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Chefs manage to coax greatness from humble carrots by using them in cake.

Sure carrots are great. The colorful root vegetables will help to bolster your eyesight and cardiovascular fitness. Still, instead of downing boring sticks or juice, step your game up with cake. Here are 12 of my favorite carrot cakes in Los Angeles.

Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference. Establishments also appear in alphabetical order instead of in order of preference.

1. Coffee + Milk Carrot Cake ($2.50) [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

This burgeoning Patina Restaurant Group café chainlet, which started at LACMA and spread to Westwood Gateway, has a strong pastry program. Carlos Enriquez and his staff continue a strong tradition established with former Ray’s and C+M pastry chef Joshua Graves. One prize in the display case is a loaf-shaped carrot cake, which previously had crispy strands on top, and now, does not, though you will find spicy ginger and sultanas.

Carrot Cake Los Angeles

2. Gjelina Take Away Carrot Cake ($5): Pastry chef Nicole Rucker, who heads the pastry programs for Gjelina and GTA, will also helm a related bakery on Sunset Avenue. In the meantime, Rucker and her team still bake substantial slices of carrot cake for GTA, which feature colorful julienne carrots within, cream cheese frosting and candied hazelnuts up top.

Carrot Cake Los Angeles

3. The Larder at Burton Way Carrot Cake ($5.95): This sleek, triangular cafe from Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne features tan, cushioned banquettes, an elbow shaped espresso and wine bar with aqua stools, and a tantalizing glass fronted pastry case. Carrot Cake sports crushed walnuts, layers of cream cheese frosting, carrot strands, and sultanas. Goin’s crew keeps the cake moist with grape seed oil. Bonus: The Larder’s carrot cake is decorated with tiny marzipan carrots.

Carrot Cake Los Angeles

4. Lark Cake Shop Carrot Cupcake ($2.75): This Silver Lake bakery from John Hensley features red and canary yellow walls, a lounge with plush chairs, and a standout carrot cupcake. Yes, cupcakes are no longer trendy, but this cake does tout a thick layer of cream cheese frosting, a decorative green fondant dot, and cool cake containing plenty of shredded carrot. Lark also sells bigger carrot cakes, with concentric green-in-orange dots.



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