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Top Los Angeles Carrot Cake

Sure carrots are great. The root vegetables available in colors like orange, yellow and purple supposedly help to bolster your eyesight and cardiovascular fitness. Still, instead of downing boring sticks or juice, step your...
Salted Caramel Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Salted Caramel Sweets

Caramel, caramelized sugar, typically combined with dairy, is terrific on its own, but a salty flourish can often elevate the genre, contributing a savory hit that balances each bite. Los Angeles chefs are clearly...
Pumpkin Los Angeles

Top Pumpkin Dishes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may be immune to the blustery weather that afflicts the majority of the country, but when it comes to food, we still have many of the same seasonal ingredients. Case in point:...
Bakery Orange County

SusieCakes: Upscale Treats and Sleek Design in Newport Beach

Susan Sarich has built a burgeoning bakery empire based on upscale versions of childhood favorites and sleek design. SusieCakes has already thrived in Brentwood and Calabasas, and Sarich has found early success in Newport...