Top 10 Foods of 2017

Mexican Food Los Angeles


Every Monday, Food of the Week celebrates my favorite dish from the previous seven days. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to travel to places like Paso Robles, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Vancouver Island (Tofino and Victoria). Along the way, I took hundreds of hopeful bites. Look back at my 10 favorite dishes from 2017.

Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference.

Click on each link or photo to learn more about each food in the Top 10.

5. Pizzana Cacio e Pepe Pizza

Pizza Los Angeles
4. Wayfarer Bread Apricot Cream Morning Bun

Bakery San Diego
3. Rossoblu Santa Barbara Spot Prawns

Italian Food Los Angeles
2. Dha Rae Oak Spicy Duck Soup

Korean Food Los Angeles
1. Wolf in the Fog Tofino Salmon

Fish Tofino


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Great Article. Do you publish any healthy tips related article on your site?

Rakibul, what aspect of “health” do you have in mind?

Do you provide any healthy food-related articles on your site?

I focus on flavor instead of health benefits, but some of the foods I feature are healthy.

That looks absolutely delicious!

This list needs a dose of Vitamin P!

Good call. Pork segregation must end in 2018.

The Scallop Al Carbon and that Tuna Melt (who would have thought?!) are definitely topping our list right now. Naturally, we’re always up for taking a trip and planning it around these awesome picks.

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