Thunderking Coffee Bar Captain Save A Pistachio

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Every once in awhile, a specialty coffee bar will serve one signature beverage that breaks the mold of a typical cafe menu. At Thunderking Coffee Bar, a daytime partner inside SOCIAL Costa Mesa, cold brew-trepreneurs Dean Tompkins and Brian Kazarian have created an original concept, serving creative caffeinated mocktails.

Thunderking crafts 10 different cold brew mocktails and several alcoholic versions inside the stylish strip mall gastropub and in a neighboring room with a co-working vibe and purple neon sign proclaiming “good vibes only.”

Captain Save A Pistachio ($6) was a nutty, refreshing beverage with a cryptic name. Cold brew melded seamlessly with cashew milk, orgeat (almond syrup), pistachio butter, and an opaque sheet of pistachio brittle. Thunderking serves an alcoholic version called Turn Down For Nut with nut-infused Wild Turkey for people who combine uppers with downers.


Joshua Lurie

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