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Juice Orange County

Toast Kitchen + Bakery Passion Fruit Sugar Cane Juice (Drink of the Week)

Sugar cane juice, known in Vietnam as nước mía, has proven popular in Little Saigon, but hasn’t taken off beyond Orange County’s Vietnamese-American enclave. That may be changing as I’ve started to see sugar...
Coffee Orange County

Thunderking Coffee Bar Captain Save A Pistachio (Drink of the Week)

Every once in awhile, a specialty coffee bar will serve one signature beverage that breaks the mold of a typical cafe menu. At Thunderking Coffee Bar, a daytime partner inside SOCIAL Costa Mesa, cold...
Brewery Logos Southern California

Second AND Third Locations, Lievre Variations + Rare Beer Hollywood

As our brewing scene grows, that means smaller breweries will be become bigger breweries and bigger breweries need more space. One L.A. county and one Orange county brewery have begun the process of launching...
Japanese Food Orange County

Izakaya Hachi Kurobuta Pork Shabu Shabu (Dose of Vitamin P)

Not all successful restaurant groups have celebrity chefs or a big name owner. Global Meat Company operates 10 brands in Japan and Los Angeles, most notably Manpuku and Izakaya Hachi. Their latest izakaya resides...
Donuts Orange County

Restaurant Marin Donut Holes (Food of the Week)

Marin Blöm and chef/partner Noah Blöm have made a huge impact at The OC Mix in Costa Mesa. Arc is Orange County’s leading wood-fired cooking practitioner, and Shuck Oyster Bar has fun with the...
Chef Southern California

Interview: chef Brooke Desprez (Sidecar Doughnuts)

City of Orange native and longtime caterer Brooke Desprez teamed with Chi-lin Pendergrast and husband Sumter on Sidecar Doughnuts in 2012. The Costa Mesa hit now has a branch in Santa Monica. Learn more...