Tailgating, Green Cellar + Stop Waiting

Tailgating Beers

Corona may be the official sponsor of the returned Rams as they start their first season back at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Bud Light may have special Rams logo emblazoned cans for those who desire to be fully committed to the new team in town.

However, for those who live to tailgate (or should I call it ALE-gating?), your choices are so expanded compared to when the Rams used to call L.A. home in 1979 before decamping to Anaheim and then St. Louis.

Before you start packing up your beer, check out the rules and regulations for the L.A. Coliseum. The big one for craft beer drinkers is that you cannot have bottles. NO glass. So here are your canned and crowler’d choices for game day:

Indie Brewing – Eastside XPA will give you the hops and sessionability that you want plus you can represent DTLA.

Mumford Brewing – grab a crowler of their LA Crema. This beer will make be the craft substitute for those who normally like fizzy yellow water.

Firestone Walker – Oaktoberfest is light, but this Paso Marzen will pair very well with whatever you are barbecuing.

Avery Brewing – want something a little more sour with margarita type flavor notexs? El Gose from the Colorado brewery will provide the lime and the salt.

Lagunitas Brewing – 12th of Never is their first canned offering and seems appropriate since NFL fans in Los Angeles never thought we would have a team.

Your Beer of the Week is from Inglewood. (Sense a theme?). Three Weavers has collaborated with the Zatec Brewery in the Czech Republic on a Pilsner brewed with traditional methods, but with a distinctly American twist of dry hopping with Mosaic hops. More than the Zatec brewery had ever used before in a batch. The beer’s name is Green Cellar.

This week’s Homework is to simply enjoy beer. To the point where you the glass in front of you is empty before you know it. Either because the football, basketball or even baseball game was so involving, or the friends are all talking and enjoying a Sunday gathered together. There is a time and a place to wait in line for 14 hours to get some amazing rare beer, but it seems to me that the “whale” hunters have lost sight of the fact that you can also take five minutes and get a comparable beer all around Los Angeles now. Which leaves you 13 hours and fifty-five more minutes to enjoy beer.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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