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Craft Beer Charity

Disaster Relief, Bronze Artifex + The Glendale Tap Turns 5

Photos of the devastation from Mexico to Puerto Rico and California’s Wine Country are just heartbreaking. This follows horrible fires in Oregon and the battering that Houston already took earlier this year. If there...
Craft Beer California

Lagunitas Temp Taproom, Kalifornia Kolsch + Way Beer in SoCal

The room on the corner of Todd Avenue & A Street is quite purple. The temporary/pop-up taproom for the Lagunitas Brewing Company complex in Azusa has now been up and running for three weekends...
Tailgating Beers

Tailgating, Green Cellar + Stop Waiting

Corona may be the official sponsor of the returned Rams as they start their first season back at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Bud Light may have special Rams logo emblazoned cans for those who...
Brewery Sign Los Angeles

Lagunitas Brewing in Azusa, Waldo + The Gold Line

With the reputation of Lagunitas Brewing Company, you’d think the grand facility unveiling would have been scheduled for 4/20 and not 4/19. No matter the day, the sneak peek into their Azusa campus showcased...
Craft Beer California

Lagunitas Brewing Company GravensTime Apple IPA

Gravenstein apples, the pride of Sonoma County, are pretty tough to get your hands on. According to a good San Francisco Chronicle guide The apple varietal, which originated in Denmark and Russia, was so...
Top 10 California

10 Great California Barleywines

Before I make my California barleywine choices clear, here’s a little history to muddle up the picture. Barleywine as a style unto its own has both evolved and changed course since its first tentative...