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Bakery Logo Taipei

4H House: Performing Civic Baked Good Duty in Taipei

In the U.S., 4-H is a youth development organization that has four tenets: head, heart, hands, and health. 4H House has a far different mission in Taipei, as I found out during my visit...
Bakery Sign Ojai

Knead Baking Company: Filling a Need in Ojai [CLOSED]

It took more than 13 years to finally reach Ojai, and it was unclear what to expect from the mysterious town in the mountains east of Santa Barbara. Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby guided us...
Bakery Sign San Francisco

Baker & Banker Bakery: Focused Pastries in Pacific Heights [CLOSED]

Given the track record of the bygone Pacific Heights apothecary, we probably should have visited Baker & Banker Bakery sooner. The one-time home to The Meetinghouse and Quince now houses Lori Baker and Jeff...
Bakery Sign Los Angeles

Shanto’s Bakery: Cedar Marks the Spot in La Crescenta [CLOSED]

Before Shanto’s Bakery arrived, I associated La Crescenta with hiking Mt. Lukens and mountain lions, since I scaled the former, and distant cousins who live in the neighborhood described frequent appearances from the latter....
Bakery Sign Portland

Little T American Baker: Pastry Panache in SE Portland

Sometimes gluttony can be a byproduct of proximity. Other times, it’s thanks to an array of tantalizing choices. Both reasons intersected at Little T American Baker, a bakery from Tim “Little T” Healea that...
Restaurant Baja

Caffe El Triunfo: Finding Culinary Silver Lining in Mining Town Rubble

On our drive through Baja backcountry between La Paz and Cabo, we stopped in El Triunfo, a dusty, desolate mining town that could easily double as the setting for a Wild West gunfight, or...